Standard Tea Machines
Bright Tea Machines
Elegance Tea Machines
Painted Tea Machines
6 LT Dual Purpose Tea Machine
9 LT Dual Purpose Tea Machine
12 LT Dual Purpose Tea Machine
14 LT Dual Purpose Tea Machine
22 LT Dual Purpose Tea Machine
3,5 LT Home Type Samover
6 LT Tea Samover
9 LT Tea Samover
12 LT Tea Samover
14 LT Tea Samover
22 LT Tea Samover
4 LT Water Heater
6 LT Water Heater
9 LT Water Heater
12 LT Water Heater
14 LT Water Heater
22 LT Water Heater
36 LT Water Heater
50 LT Water Heater
40 Cups Drip Coffee Machine
55 Cups Drip Coffee Machine
65 Cups Drip Coffee Machine
95 Cups Drip Coffee Machine
150 Cups Drip Coffee Machine
6 LT Milk And Sahlep Machine
13 LT Milk And Sahlep Machine
22 LT Milk And Sahlep Machine
36 LT Milk And Sahlep Machine
8 Lt Soup Pot
10 LT Soup Pot
12 LT Boiled Corn Machine
22 LT Boiled Corn Machine
36 LT Boiled Corn Machine
50 LT Boiled Corn Machine
25 LT Squared Boiled Corn MAchine
Closed Type Tea Machine Carrier
Wire Type Tea Machine Carrier
12 Slices Toasters
20 Slices Toasters
5 LT Fryer
3 LT Fryer
5+5 LT Fryer
3+3 LT Fryer
30 Cm Cast Grill
50 Cm Cast Grill
70 Cm Cast Grill
50 Cm Pleyt Grill
70 Cm Pleyt Grill
Waffle Machines
Standart Gastronorms
Perforced Gastronorms
Gastronorm Covers
Food Containers
Snack Trays
Service Trays
Garbage Containers
Serving plate
Mayonneise Container
Spare Part
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Generate Steel Kitchenware Industry since its establishment in 1981 has managed to be among the industry's leading names.
Steel stainless steel production in a short time has managed togenerate growth and market-leading companies in 1988 after serving nearly 10 years as a teaspoon of the first with the production has started to produce their own. Teaspoon ofmanufacturing, tea saucers, coffee pot, dishes, sefertasları,followed by tea manufacturing machines and generateprogressively expanded its range of steel products.
Generate Steel, as in the past in the future than the market levelsout and the top quality products to offer our valued customersidentified as the biggest goal.
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